Food Stand Rentals

Our treats will be a sure hit at your next event. We can provide cotton candy, candy apples, caramel apples, popcorn, sno-cones, shaved ice, drinks, funnel cakes, and corndogs. We also have other units which can provide the food like hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries.

Cotton Candy Trailer

8-feet by 25-feet
1-60amp 220/110 Volt

Eye catching trailer with running lights. The trailer can serve Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Sno-Cones, Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, Drinks and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Funnel Cake Trailer

Funnel Cake Trailer

8-foot by 9-foot
1-110V 15amps

Funnel Cakes are a crowd favorite. We have several toppings available like cinnamon sugar, chocolate syrup, apples, and strawberries.

French Fry Trailer

French Fry Trailer Ribbon Fry

8-foot by 9-foot
1-220V 60amps

Fresh Cut French Fries and Ribbon Fires are sure to delight at your next event. Be sure to try out our new seasonings like Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo, or Garlic Parmesan.

Southern Pride Smoker

6-foot by 8-foot
1-110V 10amps

Perfect smoker for your next bbq get together or fundraiser.

Food Cart

3-Foot x 6-Foot

A food cart that can be used for serving anything. Comes complete with an umbrella, running hot and cold water.

Ice Cream Cart

4-foot by 4-foot

Ice cream and sundaes at your next event, no problem. With have multiple flavors and toppings to choose form.

Deep Fried Oreo Stand

10-foot x 10-foot
1-110V 15amps

A great treat for your next event. Oreos dipped in batter, deep fried and then topped with powdered sugar.

Fresh Cut French Fry Stand

10-foot x 10-foot
1-110V 15amps

Nothing better than a batch of fresh cut French fries as you are walking around your next event. Be sure to try some of the Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo, or Garlic Parmesan seasonings on your fries.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Stand

3-foot by 6-foot

A cool and refreshing drink for your next event.

Sno-Cone Machine

1-110 Volt 5amps

Cool off any day with a cold sno cone. Supplies are sold separately.

Popcorn Machine

1-110V 15amps

Now you can have the theater popcorn at your next event. Cook it hot and fresh to draw people in. Supplies are sold separately.

Cotton Candy Machine

1-110V 15 amps
Nothing better than the smell of freshly made cotton candy at your next event.
Supplies are sold separately

Flavor Station

The flavor station dispenses 6 different sno cone flavors thru 12 different nozzles. Great for larger crowds. Kids love to put their own flavors on their sno cones.

Pucker Powder

Each person is given a plastic tube. You then fill your tube with the candy sugar from 6 different candy flavors.

Popcorn Portion Packs

Everything you need to pop popcorn is included in this one pack. Oil, salt and seeds are included. Each pack with serve approximately 10 servings.

Popcorn Bags

This one-ounce bag is perfect for the single serving portion. We do have larger bags and boxes available.

Cotton Candy Sugar

Our cotton candy sugar comes in several different flavors. Each carton will serve approximately 50 servings.

Cotton Candy Cones

Cones for the cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Bags

We do sell bags if you would rather put the cotton candy in bags for your next event.

Sno-Cone Syrup

1 gallon of syrup will serve approximately 100 servings. We have several flavors to choose from.

Sno-Cone Cones

Cones for the sno-cones are sold in 100 quantity increments.

Sno-Cone Syrup Pump

One Ounce Pump